Volunteers are welcome in all Tipton Community School District buildings. We encourage people with skills to share to become involved with our school programs and classrooms.

 People interested in becoming volunteers should read the volunteering documents to understand the policies and procedures.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please contact:


Matt Nerem, Activities Director at 886-6027 or matt.nerem@tipton.k12.ia.us His office is located in the high school office.

 Elementary School

Bryan Woods, Principal at 886-6131 or bryan.woods@tipton.k12.ia.us  

 Middle School

Lisa Glenn, Principal at 886-6025 or lisa.glenn@tipton.k12.ia.us.

 High School 

Chad Rezac, Principal at 886-6027 or chad.rezac@tipton.k12.ia.us.


For additional information, you can contact:

Jason Wester, Superintendent