Tipton's December Employee of the Month is Hannah Schultz. Her nominee recommendations say; "Hannah is always the first person to offer help...." 'Hannah goes above and beyond for the students and the staff. She is always willing to be available and help if she is able, even if it is not in her "job description.' "


Tipton's December Employee of the Month is Makayla. "Makayla continuously goes above and beyond for her students as well as the adults that she works with daily. She has such a positive outlook on the day to day, even when it is difficult." - Bailey Anderson

Why Us

The Tipton Community School District serves approximately 900 PK-12 students.

The district staff is committed to creating a personalized learning experience that recognizes and celebrates individual differences and abilities.

The district's aim is to provide a rigorous academic experience that fosters creativity and curiosity while also ensuring that students social and emotional needs are met.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the Tipton Community in developing tomorrow's leaders