Public Facility Use

Rental applications and facility requests require a minimum processing time of one week.

Scheduling for the 2022-2023 School Year (posted 6/10/22)

Outside groups may schedule use of school facilities on the following dates:

·      Fall 2022 Season (Aug. - Oct.) 

o   July 27 on


·      Winter 2022-23 Season (Nov. - Feb.)

o   October 27 on


·      Spring 2023 Season (Mar. - May)

o   February 27 on 


·      Summer Season 2023 (June & July)

o   April 27 on

Tipton has switched to a new Facilities Scheduler program. As a result, there has been some confusion with items not being on the school calendar on the school's home page. Here is why:


RVC (River Valley Conference) Calendar will display ONLY performances and special days. (Ex. Concerts, games, first/last day, parent/teacher conferences, etc.)


Facilities Scheduler will show everything that takes place in school facilities. (ex. Practices, home games, tryouts, etc.) Facilities Scheduler will not show away games. 

In summary:

 ·      RVC public performances/competitions

·      Facilities Scheduler  only those events taking place in/utilizing school facilities

Some of the reasons for the transition are:

  • Eliminate human error in double booking

  • Aid in applying rental time restrictions consistently

  • Streamline the RVC Activities Calendar

  • All the public to more easily see what facilities are available for use