Public Facility Use

Scheduling for the 2022-2023 School Year (posted 6/10/22)

Outside groups may schedule use of school facilities on the following dates:

·      Fall 2022 Season (Aug. - Oct.) 

o   July 27 on


·      Winter 2022-23 Season (Nov. - Feb.)

o   October 27 on


·      Spring 2023 Season (Mar. - May)

o   February 27 on 


·      Summer Season 2023 (June & July)

o   April 27 on

Tipton has switched to a new Facilities Scheduler program. As a result, there has been some confusion with items not being on the school calendar on the school's home page. Here is why:


RVC (River Valley Conference) Calendar will display ONLY performances and special days. (Ex. Concerts, games, first/last day, parent/teacher conferences, etc.)


Facilities Scheduler will show everything that takes place in school facilities. (ex. Practices, home games, tryouts, etc.) Facilities Scheduler will not show away games. 

In summary:

 ·      RVC public performances/competitions

·      Facilities Scheduler  only those events taking place in/utilizing school facilities

With the above being said, some practices may still show on both calendars. We started to slowly roll out this system in March to staff members. Some coaches had already submitted their practice schedules prior to the roll out. By June 1 everything should be on the correct calendars. 


Some of the reasons for the transition are:

  • Eliminate human error in double booking

  • Aid in applying rental time restrictions consistently

  • Streamline the RVC Activities Calendar

  • All the public to more easily see what facilities are available for use