District Goals, Aim, and Mission

Our Goals

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Goal 1: All Students will prepare for success beyond high school.

Staff will implement the K-12 Iowa Core Curriculum by:

  • Developing and facilitating quality professional development.

  • Implement 21st Century skills through educational opportunities.

  • Increase the number of students that are proficient in Reading, Math, and Science to meet state expectations.

  • Increase focus on College and Career Readiness​

Goal 2: All students will utilize technology to prepare for success beyond high school.​​

  • Provide additional staff training on technology.

  • Integrate instructional technology into the classrooms and curriculum.

  • Implement Tipton School's vision of one to one technology education.

Goal 3: All students and staff will feel safe and connected at school.​

  • Communicate clear building and district expectations for students throughout the district.

  • Improve interpersonal relationships by fostering respect for all.

  • Provide support for students facing challenges.

Our Aim

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Generate enthusiasm while increasing learning​.

Our Mission

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Our aim will be accomplished by improving the quality of learning today for the life long learners of tomorrow.