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Parent & Guardian Annual Notice

What will the project include?

Updates to the historic building will address needs identified by both the staff and community during listening sessions and building tours. Renovations will improve the overall aesthetics with upgrades of the flooring, ceiling, furnishings, and fixtures. Heating and cooling in the building will be improved with updates to the HVAC systems as well as window replacements. In addition to an improved entry experience, overall accessibility and wayfinding will be addressed.


Adding a gym and locker rooms to the district will also alleviate current scheduling issues at both the middle and high school as well as for recreation teams.  With the addition of a new gym, the 1925 gym will be converted to a band room with practice and storage space allowing the existing band room to be converted to classroom space.

Site improvements will include an updated bus drop off loop that will help alleviate traffic concerns between cars and busses and improve the safety of that traffic flow.  The plan also includes additional parking space that will better support student, staff, and activity needs.

The addition to the building’s northwest corner will create a new secure and welcoming new main entry for the high school. The new space includes collaboration areas, including a library and commons, that will create much needed areas for students to work together on small group projects as well as create gathering areas for social interactions.

An additional gym will allow for high school sporting events to be held at the high school instead of at the middle school.

What will it look like?

We know everyone is eager to know is what our facilities will look like, and we don’t expect the community to support a project without knowing what it will look like. That’s why, OPN Architects has developed a design concept intended to give the community an idea of what the addition could look like and how we will potentially address the renovations. But we want to stress that these are just initial ideas. There’s a very real possibility that the final design won’t look anything like the picture. That’s ok because the final design will include a lot more feedback from staff and students. Schools reflect a community’s personality, pride, and philosophies.

After the bond passes and before the design of Tipton’s new spaces, OPN Architects will spend time getting to know the community’s collective vision for how the building will be used and what each space should provide. Details like where the concession stand will be located or carpet color will be determined at this point in the process. OPN Architects will help Tipton staff and administration analyze, assess, and synthesize data, methodologies, and facilities to create a blend of physical, digital, and immersive environments that enable your staff to teach and mentor the next generation of innovators, creators, collaborators, and leaders.

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