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The function of the Tipton Athletic Booster Club becomes more important each year, especially with declining state of Iowa funding given to public schools. Membership dues represent a large portion of our operating funds. These dues, in addition to the money earned on various other projects, are funded directly back into the high school and middle school athletic programs to support our young athletes to perform to the best of their abilities.


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What we have been able to do with your support in the past two-years:
  1. Strength Program

    • Turf for weight room

  2. Track

    • State meet rooms

  3. Cross Country and Track

    • Tent

  4. Football

    • Windscreen for football scoreboard

  5. Volleyball

    • Uniforms

    • New iPad

    • Hudl subscription for volleyball

    • Middle School volleyball jerseys

  6. Swimming

    • Blue Tooth Adapter Bags and Paddles

  7. General/ All Sports

    • T-shirts for each HS athlete

    • Banner Project for Middle School Gym

    • Fall sports program/poster

The main fundraiser for the Boosters throughout the year is running the home concession stands for the high school volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, and wrestling meets. We are not able to cover all these games/meets without your help. Parents/guardians of each high school athlete are highly encouraged to work at two concession stand events that are run by the Boosters during the year. Please help us out and sign up today.

Please consider making a donation to the Tipton Athletic Boosters. Please send your check and completed membership form to:

Tipton Athletic Boosters

P.O. Box 204

Tipton, IA, 52772


If you have questions, would like to donate, or are interested in becoming an Athletic Booster Board Member, please contact us at:

Again, thank you for your support!

Tipton Athletic Booster Club

2021-2022 Athletic Boosters Board Members